School Kit Cycle Ending- Monday, September 29, 2014

As with all providers of school kit the production of and issuing of school kit leading up to and including September can be a stressful time. We here at custom teamwear have had a really positive production cycle after having extensive planning sessions not only with our schools but with our supply chain. This cycle is now throttling back with kit still being available but the essential September rush now well out of the way.

Custom Teamwear is different from other large players in the industry in that we offer to key features:

- We manufacture our own kit, which leads to
- Huge cost savings

We are not restricted by the standard clothing which is out there such as Fruit of the Loom tees or Finden & Hales rugby kits - both of which are decent by the way! Instead we have the option of completely tailoring the type of outfit a school wants to thier needs. Do you want a close fit but with vented sides? No problem. Or how about a more street version of the jogging pants? No problem. It's amazing just how many schools do want to stand out and do want to be different.

The quality of our kit is second to none. We have many years experience dealign with our manufacturers and choose only the right operations to become our partners. Consistently high production standards and delivery times are the the only things we will accept.

If you are involved in the procurement of school kits then why not at least explore the possibility of getting better kit with a better service? Call us on 0191 5005484 today and see what we can do with you.

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The Blyth Academy Looking Good- Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Blyth AcademyIt was great to hear that The Blyth Academy ( wanted to use the services of Custom Teamwear once more as they extended the range of gear that they get from us. The Academy is making big improvements in its attainment levels and is looking at all areas to be as good as they can be. The P.E. department has some top quality shorts, socks and tops but now also hoodies, rugby tops and jogging pants.

The Blyth Academy have realised a huge saving over the conventional school outfit suppliers by sourcing our products direct from trusted manufacturers abroad. Custom Teamwear has had solid relationships with overseas businesses and ensure that quality is kept high and prices low. Our experience in importing is also second to none. By purchasing a large number of items The Blyth Academy have made a significant saving yet increased their profile and image.

The Blyth Academy, had this to say about the services:

"We are delighted we made the switch to Custom Teamwear as we’ve been very impressed by the amazing kit they have on offer. The savings we made over our old supplier can now be put to good use sourcing other equipment for the kids. This is a great deal for our Academy."

As part of the package we allow the pupils and parents to purchase the items online via our website and they can choose to pick it up at the Academy or have it delivered direct. Our efficient service means you will have everything you require before the new academic year starts.

Custom Teamwear are specialist is importing custom clothing. We handle some of the biggest brands around and operate globally with contacts in all the major markets. With a history of developing good brands into expanding markets combined with manufacturing and importing expertise we feel that we are ideally placed to help with clothing solutions both big and small.

For more info please contact us.

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Standard Chartered Great City Run- Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Great City RunIt was fantastic recently to see our shirts proudly on display at the Standard Charter Great City Race in London ( We supplied over 700 fantastic tops for the race which were manufactured overseas and imported thus providing a huge cost saving. The event was another great success with corporations from all over turning up to take part. The winning male was Phil Wicks of team Allianz UK and the winning female was Emily Wicks of team Punter Southall. Are they related?!!?

The event raised a huge amount of money for charity and proved to be of fantastic quality once more.  This is another example of the kind of events we love to support and design top quality sublimated tops. The emphasis in on quality, cost and service and we look to be as good as possible on all fronts.

If you are interested in any of our custom clothing options please contact us to see how we can help.

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New Long Sleeve Base Layer- Thursday, June 27, 2013

We've just added a cracking long sleeve base layer from Finden and Hales.  The Team Base Layer has got to be one of the best looking tops around and really stands out from the crowd.

Team base layer

Although I'm upset about the imposter in the picture superimposing his head on my body it does however show that the top is elasticated spandex and will fit the countours of your own shape.

A great choice for running, hiking, rugby, football, hockey or any other sport.  We can add your logo if required and all you need to do is contact us for bulk orders and exact requirements. 

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Spiro Airstream Jacket Review- Monday, March 11, 2013

Spiro Airstream JacketHave I taken the right time to get out and test a lightweight jacket?  I hope so.  With the snow falling I thought I'd need some kind of jacket and the only thing to hand was a flimsy looking Spiro Airstrem top.  Well I have to say that it weighs next to nothing and feels great.  

The snow was beading well on the jacket as I treaded nervously through the slippy patches.  There was no sign of excessive heat build up as the ventilation on the sides took care of that.  As the light was fading I thought the reflective stripes made me stand out against the background for cars and when the final stretch was into the falling snow I stuck up the storm flap and kept out the worst of it.

After spending a long run with the jacket I have to give it a great thumbs up.  Available in mens and womens fittings.

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Winter Running- Monday, March 11, 2013

Today has seen a vast flurry of snow fall over the country and this has most likley put a damper on most peoples plans to go out running.  If you do go out then you need to be very careful about where you sticking your feet as the increased risk of injury may be obvious but has to be at the forefront of your mind.  It was Wainwright who said that you should always look where you are going and if you want to look at the scenery, stop!

Take the right clothing.  It's up to you if you want to go out with a skimpy pair of shorts to show off your toned legs but the the rest of us like to feel nice and warm.  A pair of running pants would be a great choice as they keep you warm, have good moisture contol and reduce your chances of injury by aiding good circulation.  Below if a good choice for a running pant from Spiro:

Spiro Sprint Pant

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Spring is coming- Monday, February 25, 2013

After a nice warm week we get blasted with another bout of snow and everyone thinks the cold weather is here to stay.  Well surely not!  Sometime soon winter will start shifting to spring and the sounds of animals reappearing from hiding places will be filling the air.  There are usually lots of major events going on and if you are a charity looking for kit or even a team or individual then will have some kit for you.  Our sublimation section is made for adding your own branding or even designing your own top completely which we can source and import from abroad to keep the costs down to a minimum.

When the sun shines you can rely on us to have a great range of shorts, t-shirts, hats, socks and more.  It doesn't matter what sport you are involved in we will have something for you.  Addin gyour logo is easy and all you have to do is contact us or check the branding option on checkout and we'll contact you.

Get ready for the sun!

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The French Connection- Tuesday, February 05, 2013

If you haven't guessed by now it is pretty clear that us here at are bonafide Newcastle United fans.  The recent injection of French flair has caused some consternation among other managers but I can't see the problem myself.  Arsene Wenger came out and said NUFC were buying too many French players, is he having a giraffe?  Didn't Arsenal win a few competitions on the back of some tasty French fellows? Ttypical.

What stands out for me is the high quality of the people that have been signed.  Mbiwa, Debuchy and Sissoko have all made recent debuts for the French national team and add to our two other French internationals in Cabaye and Ben Arfa.  Surely any team with players in of this quality has a great chance of rising up the table quickly.

Can't wait to see what happens next.

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Regatta Baselayer Tester- Monday, January 28, 2013

Regatta Baselayer

Yesterday morning I picked up my walking parnter Michael and header out into the local countryside for a bit of a walk.  The location is called The Derwent Walk and the route we took is known as the Red Kite Walk because there are so many glorious red kites to be seen along the route.  As we arrived at the start the heavens opened and the fact that the acc-weather prediction said 36% of precipitation indicated to me that we got all 36% in about 10 minutes!

I decided I'd take this 11 mile walk as a chance to test out the Regatta baselayer that was lying in the stores.  There was still snow on the ground that was starting to turn to slush as the cold weather was being replaced by rain and wind.  The Regatta baselayer was a good choice as it was too cool to be burning up but it was also not cold enough to warrant layer on layer of thinker clothing.

We slipped our way along the Derwent Walk path and it was hard going as the route was full of compressed snow which pushed your feet in all directions and by the end of the first 2.5 mile you could really feel the quads had been stretched.  Then we headed across Lintzford and into Chopwell Woods where the next 3 mile represented the bulk of uphill for the route.

Taking a head on approach we both got stuck in and made it to the top in no time with minimal stops.  Now this is where a baselaer really gets tested.  A steep incline gets the body pumping hard and your body sweating.  If you are still sweating at the top without good moisture control then your body will cool too much in cold weather and negate the thermal properties of the baselayer.  The Regatta passed the test with flying colours and I have to confess that I was sweating a lot by the time we sat down for a well earned cup of coffee at the top.

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The French Revolution- Thursday, January 24, 2013

It is with much delight I have viewed the past few days at planet NUFC.  A massive influx of promising French talent all bought for competitive prices and all perfect to boost our squad.  Mbiwa is a top draw centre half who has recently broke into the national team and has already won the league in France.  Goufran is a quailty striker with pace who can act as a foil for Cisse or used on the wing.  Haidaira looks more of a squad player but he has been playing in the junior French national teams so he's no mug.  I do wonder how he fits in given that Santon has been on very good form this year.  Lastly all this talk of Moussa Sissoko coming really does get me excitied.

I have no doubts that the haters will still be hating, they'll just move on to something else to complain about.  These people will only be satisfied if the club buys exactly the same players but spend three times as much.  Obviously they must then be three times as good, shouldn't they?  No I'm afraid not.  The aggressive transfer policy taken by NUFC is one to be applauded by fans but I'm pretty sure all these clubs losing players on the cheap from France are damn well fed up about it.

Can't wait to see the difference this might make to the toon in the next game away to Villa.

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